One of the biggest benefits of Auction is speed. You will have a fixed timescale from the beginning of the process, whether 28 days or 14, you have a clear idea of how long you have until the sale completes.

Equal Opportunity

Everyone has a fair chance to bid on the auction. There is a level playing field when buying at auction, rather than a first come first served basis, which is common with estate agents.

Grab A Bargain

Who doesn’t love a bargain! A lot of properties sold via auction are massively discounted from current market valuations making them appealing to a wide range of buyers. Guide Prices have been known to start from as low as £1!


When the virtual hammer falls and time has expired, if you are the highest bidder, the property is yours. It’s as simple as that! There is no waiting around for phone calls or emails to find out if you have been successful as with an estate agent. You can watch what’s happening as it happens.


More often than not, auction properties offer more opportunity than simply buying a house. Our lots offer opportunity to add value through upgrade, refurbishment, change of use and improvements.

You Know What You’re Getting

We aim to have full Legal Packs available for all of our properties as soon as we possibly can to allow you maximum time to complete your due diligence. This pack may include information such as searches, title deeds, leases for tenanted property, as well as any relevant planning permissions. Legal packs are published online and are made available to download as soon as they become available.

Immediate Return

We offer a number of tenanted properties, perfect for extending your current portfolio. All the legal benefits of the tenancy agreement will pass over to you along with the responsibilities on completion of the sale, meaning you can earn immediate income.

Competitive Bidding

Competitive bidding is used to drive the price of an auction property however this also benefits you as a buyer as you only ever need to stay one bid ahead of your competition to meet the reserve and win the auction. With varied increments set as low as £100 on some properties, this means you are far more likely to pay less for the property than you would through a standard estate agent sale.